Thanks Whovians for making 2016 a success!!!

Con GT returns March 17-19, 2017 with Sophie Aldred, Andrew Cartmel, Robin Burks and more guests to be named later.  

Details this summer!


LOOK!! Official Photos from 2016!

View the Leaf Chronicle photo gallery from 2016!

Where did ConGT guests come from in 2016?  Here’s an idea!  

(And this doesn’t include Washington State AND Germany!!)



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Bow tie and fez

With the exception of my darling 12, this is nearly perfect. I saw this and wanted to share with my friends here.

Whovians craziness

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ABC News 24

Could this Australian school teacher have the largest Doctor Who collection on the planet?

Could this Canberra school teacher be the biggest Doctor Who fan in the world?

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Photos from Melissa Fromm's post

Hastings is going out of business and I got this at 20% off. I love how it makes tardis sounds and the doors open and there's a cool picture of inside! Tardis all the way around is cool. Otherside of ... See more

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I need this, must order, who's with me?

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The 17 Craziest Doctor Who Fan Theories

(Gotta get that outfit.....)

Doctor Who fans are never short on bizarre theories about their favorite show. Here are some of the weirdest ideas about the man from Gallifrey.