In 2017, ConGT is proud to welcome these guests…


Sophie became Ace in 1987 and appeared on the final 9 episodes of the program’s original run, which ended in 1989.

In January 1992, she guested in More than a Messiah, one of the Stranger original videos starring Colin Baker, also formerly of Doctor Who.

Both before and since Doctor Who, Aldred has had a varied and busy televisioncareer, particularly in children’s programming, where she has presented educational programs such as Corners, Melvin and Maureen’s Music-a-grams (which ran from 1992 to ’96), Tiny and Crew (which she presented, 1995–99), the BBC series Words and Pictures (since 1992), and also CITV paranormal show It’s a Mystery in 1996. She also played the character Minnie The Mini Magician from Series 8 onwards on CITV’s ZZZap! between 1999 and 2001.

Aldred has presented and sung in several BBC Schools Radio series, including Singing Together, Music Workshop, Time and Tune and Music Box. She has also performed on radio and in the theater. She has also reprised her role as Ace in the 1993 30th anniversary charity special Dimensions in Time and the Doctor Who audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions.

She has also worked extensively as a voice-over artist for television advertisements, and has also provided voices for many animated series.  

She co-wrote the hardcover nonfiction book, Ace, The Inside Story of the End of An Era with Mike Tucker in 1996.  

In 2012 Aldred provided the voice of Tom in Tree Fu Tom, a BBC children’s series.  The series’ other main voice actor was the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

We caught up with Sophie at LI Who in November!


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Frazer Hines appeared as the companion Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who.  He appeared in more episodes of the series than any other companion.  In fact, his 117 episodes ranks him higher than all but the first four Doctors in appearances.  

Originally intended as a one-off guest character, Jamie joined the regular cast and appeared in the series from from 1966 to 1969. Hines reprised the role in a cameo in the 20th anniversary serial The Five Doctors (1983) and as a guest star in The Two Doctors (1985).

Author Diana Gabaldon credits watching Frazer Hines in the Doctor Who serial The War Games (and finding him fetching in a kilt) as the inspiration for her first novel, Outlander, a time travel story let in 18th century Scotland. Consequently, she named the novel’s male protagonist Jamie.  She says that the character’s surname, Fraser, is a coincidence, as the PBS station on which she watched Doctor Who habitually cut off the episode’s credits. She did not learn Hines’ name until several years after Outlander was published.  In 2015, Frazer was cast in the Outlander series as Sir Fletcher Gordon, an English prison warden.

During his appearance at ConGT, Frazer will be performing one of his ‘one man’ performances’. 


Frazer is a fan favorite, and he LOVES the fans! We asked him about that.


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Colin Spaull brings a rare perspective to Doctor Who fandom, having appeared in both the original series ‘Revelation of the Daleks’, and the modern series ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ and ‘The Age of Steel’.

He began as a child actor and appeared in a number of leading roles.  Adult credits include Z-Cars, where he appeared as three different characters, Dixon of Dock Green, Boon, Goodnight Sweetheart, Inspector Morse, The Bill (he played SEVEN characters between 1985 and 2003, Casualty and Holby City.  He’s also been seen on The Inbetweeners.

And most importantly, those who’ve met him at various ‘Who functions’ describe him as an outstanding guest!






ConGT is proud to welcome Andrew Cartmel back for his second appearance in Clarksville.

He is a British author and journalist, and former script editor of Doctor Who.  He’s also worked as a script editor on other television series, as a magazine editor, as a comics writer, as a film studies lecturer, and as a novelist.

Cartmel became script editor at Doctor Who in his twenties, joining in the 24th season.  He oversaw the next three years, overseeing the final three seasons of the original run which ended in 1989.

Andrew has had a varied television and writing career, but is probably best known to Whovians as author of ‘Script Doctor – The Inside Story of Doctor Who 1986-89’, an account of his work on the Doctor Who television series.

Andrew will bring a wealth of knowledge to our panels, and he’ll have a supply of his books, just waiting for your name to be inscribed on them.
Andrew Cartmel talks about coming back to ConGT in 2017.

Andrew Cartmel!!

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Robin Burks is the ‘Queen of ConGT’, havingbeen our first invited guest, and now making her third appearance at the con.

She’s a Cosplayer, author, freelance writer for TheThings.com and FanGirlConfessions.com.  In addition to being a panel guest extraordinaire, she’ll have a supply of her own publication s available.